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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

Today, we commemorated the braveness of our forefathers who fought the invaders in order to liberate our country from conquerors and such. I am specially dedicating this post to my late grandfather who served the American Troupe in the Philippines against the Japs and to my father in law who served during the WW2...

I worked from 12-7 pm today so we decided to just buy some chicken for our dinner at the BBQ Chicken out in town....Their chicken is awesome.. Hmmmnnn so tender and yummmmmmmy!

Today is also a Korean Holiday called Pepero Day (I'm not sure if I spelled it right). But anyhow, they said that this is their version of the white holiday in Japan. Our Korean friend told us that during Pepero day, the boyfriend gives gift to his girlfriend and during Valentines day, the girlfriend is the one to give a gift to her boyfriend.. Interesting eh?


  1. looks crispy..may natira pa bang buto jan..hahha:) Happy Veterans Day sistah!

  2. ala na nga eh, wawa naman yjng mga pusa hahaha,... Nilantakan namin super crispy kasi lol..

  3. i miss this kind of food na.... ang tagal ko na di nakakain ng style na to ah... more than a year na yata! haaay

  4. wow! double celebration!!! sarapp nmn nung, ganyan pala dyn kabayan,meron season ng giftgiving,hehehehehe..sana lage Vday,hehehehe!

  5. mukhang masarap yung chicken noy ah, kakagutom naman :-)

    happy vetrans day, rose

  6. bakit wala ba dyan ng ganito? Ako nga miss ko na rin kaya bumili kami kagabi

  7. Oo nga Sun, double celebration dito ng hearts day hehehe..

  8. Thanks Ate Cecille, likewise for the greetings,.... Nagugutom na naman ako reading the comments hahaha..

  9. makagutom here!!
    chicken chicken isa pa nga!..
    i like crispy foods parehas kami ni aterose d.
    lahat ng crispy special for us including chitsaron.

  10. Hi mads, OO nga, balik kami dun sometimes, masiramon an chicken ninda ta medyo spicy ang skin hehehe.. sirammmmmmm...


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